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A dining terrace overlooking the public plaza at Parramatta Square

Give Your Business Access to the Best Young Talent: Find Commercial Space to Lease in Inner West Sydney

Even in a digital world, the phrase ‘location is everything’ continues to be an incredibly true mantra for most businesses. A good location can help a business recruit the best talent, attract the best clientele and reach the most customers. By investing in commercial space leasing in Inner West Sydney, you can give your business the benefit of the ideal Sydney location.

Sydney CBD vs. Parramatta CBD: An Unlikely Matchup

When it comes to the Sydney area, most businesses tend to target Sydney’s CBD as the ideal location. After all, if you are doing business in the Sydney area, it only makes sense to be right in the heart of the big city, right?

However, while Sydney CBD property is certainly a booming hub of commercial activity, it also has drawbacks. Namely, Sydney CBD is extremely expensive—both for commercial and residential tenants. For businesses, those renting or leasing, expenses will increase your overhead and make it more difficult to maintain good profit margins.

On the employee side, being in a marquee area such as Sydney CBD will price many workers—especially young professionals and young families—out of your applicant pool. Since these kinds of candidates can rarely afford to live in downtown Sydney, they are left with two choices: look for work elsewhere or accept long commute times as a part of their day-to-day lives.

For this reason, more organisations are realising the benefit of leasing commercial space in Inner West Sydney. Though many business owners and decision makers don’t realise it, Parramatta’s Central Business District is quickly rising as the premier spot for businesses in Sydney, with many new A-Grade office towers under construction.

In addition to the leasing cost savings that can be made, Parramatta City has a young, highly-educated and accessible workforce. 30% more people live within a 20-kilometre radius of Parramatta’s CBD than within the same radius of the Sydney CBD. Furthermore, 48% of Western Sydney residents are between the ages of 20 and 48.

What these statistics show is that Western Sydney is the ideal place to work for the people who make up the bulk of your applicant pool. Young professionals and families are drawn to the area because of the lower rent; and the transformation of Parramatta City is creating an environment that retains top talent. Businesses in Parramatta’s CBD are reaping the benefits of this trend by hiring the best people and selling them on shorter commute times and lower living expenses, within a city that will rival Sydney CBD by 2021.

Give Parramatta CBD a Try with New Opportunities for Commercial Leasing in Inner West Sydney

If your business is interested in tapping the base of young, productive and educated workers that call Western Sydney home, then you are in luck. Parramatta Square is a $2 million urban renewal project that will revitalise the Parramatta city centre with A-Grade office space, first-class retail and hospitality amenity and attractive civic facilities. Spearheaded by Walker Corporation, one of Australia’s largest private development firms, Parramatta Square will transform the City of Parramatta—and Western Sydney in general—into the business hub it deserves to be.

Are you a corporation interested in securing premium office space at Parramatta Square? To enquire about commercial space for lease in this Inner West Sydney development, click here.