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The public plaza at Parramatta Square

Learn More about Commercial Space Leasing in Parramatta Square

Sydney has long been Australia's largest city and economic driving force, and it's showing no signs of slowing pace regarding growth. The city attracts entrepreneurs and corporations from across the globe thanks to its skilled workforce, efficient and expansive infrastructure, and high quality of life, and Western Sydney, in particular, is undergoing a rapid and deliberate transformation. Parramatta, Australia's third-largest city besides Sydney and Melbourne, has a young, skilled workforce and a growing population, and thanks to significant investment in the area, its CBD is about to become the state's second major economic driving force.

Commercial leasing in Parramatta is on the rise, and it's no wonder considering the changing face of the city and CBD transformation at Parramatta Square. A multi-billion-dollar rejuvenation of the area has resulted in rapid growth and said growth is unlikely to slow down with projects such as the Western Sydney Airport in the pipeline. Forecasts from various organisations suggest that investment in the area is set to continue, and soon, with the development of Parramatta Square, Western Sydney will be a highly sought after place to do business.

If you're a company owner and would like to take advantage of the opportunities that lie ahead for Western Sydney and Parramatta, now's the time to start seriously looking into commercial space leasing in Parramatta Square. The Parramatta commercial towers will set a new benchmark in innovative workplace standards, and the bottom floor will boast upscale restaurants and shopping experiences for residents in the area as well as workers. The Parramatta Square project is one of the largest ever undertaken by Walker Corporation, one of Australia's largest property developers, and it's going to cement Parramatta's significance on the map.

Why Should You Be Interested in a Commercial Space for Lease in Parramatta Square?

As one the biggest redevelopment projects in Australia, Parramatta Square will embolden Sydney's status as a global city and attract businesses from across the world thanks to the advantages of working in the area, which include:

  • A skilled, young workforce: Nearly half the people who reside in Western Sydney are between the ages of 20 and 49, and the number of jobs in skilled sectors is continuously rising.
  • Well connected: When Western Sydney Airport is complete, it will be easy to reach Parramatta from almost anywhere in the world, and the government is also investing comprehensively in infrastructure.
  • Excellent facilities: The skyline of Parramatta will soon be transformed, and the Walker Corporation has designed architectural masterpieces with amenities that rival the best in the world.

Join the Revolution of Western Sydney

Western Sydney and Parramatta will soon be major economic drivers in Sydney, and according to most forecasts, the population here will grow faster than any other area in the city. Plus, the more companies that lease commercial space in the area, the more investment goes into schooling and local amenities. Taking this into consideration, now is certainly the time to start thinking about leasing commercial space in Parramatta Square.