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A breakout meeting space on a balcony overlooking offices at Parramatta Square

Commercial Leasing Becomes Exciting with Ground-breaking New Commercial Space for Lease in Sydney

The recent history of Sydney has been characterised by some of the most exciting urban development to which Australia has ever borne witness. Dramatic demographic changes have created numerous improvements throughout Sydney during the 2010s, with younger and more educated people leading the way. Sydney’s Western half is especially exemplary, with higher productivity rates and income levels than almost anywhere else in the state. One municipality, in particular, that stands out from the others in this regard: the city of Parramatta. Once a relatively anonymous suburb of greater Sydney, Parramatta has since developed a reputation as one of Sydney’s greatest success stories. Now, progressive businesses can capitalise on that narrative by taking advantage of an exciting new commercial leasing opportunities.

Parramatta Square: A New Class of Commercial Space for Lease Near Sydney

Parramatta Square is set to become the centrepiece in Parramatta's rapidly expanding commercial district. The development’s impressive towers will symbolise the transformation of the city into one of the country’s most exciting new corporate hubs. Built seamlessly around a multi-level retail precinct, these facilities will smoothly link offices and lobbies with convenient shopping and transportation for a fully-integrated environment that allows for people to flow easily from one area to another.

Parramatta Square will also incorporate fine dining establishments of many kinds. Shoppers, visitors, and working professionals alike will be able to enjoy a bevy of eateries, from small and elegant cafés to upscale bistros, food courts, and grocers. With a campus wide focus on ensuring a happy and healthy workforce, Parramatta Square will feature onsite gyms, fitness centres, and wellness spaces for the active employee. The result will be a space in which work, and life will be harmoniously balanced—a place where both can be optimised and enjoyed to the fullest possible extent.

How to Make Your Business a Part of the Parramatta Success Story

The entirety of this new development will surround a revitalised iteration of the historic Parramatta Square. All 3 hectares of this project will be refurbished and given new life, creating a destination in the heart of the city like no other. Parramatta Square, therefore, represents one of the most vital and exciting commercial leasing opportunities in greater Sydney, perhaps the most exciting in our lifetime. Work in a place with obvious prestige when you choose Parramatta Square as the site of your next commercial space for lease.

Every aspect of Parramatta Square makes a powerful statement, from the entrance and interiors to the beautiful expanse at its core. Find your ideal commercial space leasing possibility in Sydney today when you contact the Walker Corporation and inquire about our available spaces. “We understand that every business is unique, which is why we work hand in hand with all our clients to set them up for success. Our flexible approach and shared support services will make it easy for you to lease the perfect location in which to cultivate the future of your business,” said, Baird Mackie, National Leasing Manager at Walker Corporation. Call Baird today, and find out what Parramatta Square has in store for you: +61 412 868 076.