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The front entrance to the commercial building at Parramatta Square

Commercial Real Estate for Lease in Sydney Receives Upgrade with New Property Leasing Options

Sydney has been a thriving metropolis for many years, but over the past decade, a vast portion of its growth has migrated west. The Sydney CBD was once the epicentre of economic development in New South Wales, but that title may now belong to another region entirely: the city of Parramatta. Long considered just another Sydney suburb, Parramatta has reared its head over the course of the past decade and demanded attention from a growing number of commercial businesses. Parramatta currently claims some of the most literate, educated, and high-earning citizens anywhere in the state, which makes it a prime location for new business development.

Why One Parramatta Commercial Property Stands Above other Leasing Opportunities in Sydney

Companies searching for commercial space in Sydney may wish to turn their attention towards one particular Parramatta development. Parramatta Square promises to be a game-changing campus that will cement the region as one of NSW’s most dynamic and exciting economic areas. Parramatta Square comprises several towers that flow effortlessly into an impressive multi-story retail complex. Luxury shopping and fine dining provide a thriving public mecca while the towers offer striking and industry leading commercial property for lease by Sydney businesses looking for the sites of their future successes.

The total of these new facilities will encompass one of Parramatta’s most significant landmarks: the square itself. This 6,000-sq m expanse is set to be completely rehabilitated by the Walker Corporation. Its efforts will result in restoring the life and vitality of its original gardens, fountains, sculptures, and walkways so that they can be enjoyed by all who work at and visit the campus. The scope and scale of the Parramatta Square project will make it one of the most memorable projects ever undertaken in the area and will attract unprecedented numbers of people. Competitive businesses trying to find commercial property leasing options in the Sydney area should take note of all that this new development has to offer.

Become a Part of Something Bigger

Choosing to lease commercial space at Parramatta Square will put you in the centre of two landmarks: the original square and the new facility. The entire project was designed by JPW, one of the country’s leading design practices. From the polished interiors that optimise workflow to the impressive detailing at the entrance of the main building, each detail of this project has been designed for the future. Become a part of that future when you decide to lease commercial property in Parramatta Square and move your company to the brink of tomorrow.

Leasing commercial property is an important decision, so be sure to consult with some of the industry’s highest authorities. Contact the Walker Corporation today and ask about the possibilities of moving your business to Parramatta Square. They would be happy to tell you more about the opportunities that are available and answer any questions you may have so that you can make an informed decision.