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The public plaza at Parramatta Square

Situate Your Store in the Perfect Location, with Retail Real Estate Property for Lease in Inner West Sydney

Inner West Sydney—particularly the City of Parramatta—is quickly growing into a business and retail epicentre. At Parramatta Square, we have retail property available for lease in Inner West Sydney, perfect to help your business take advantage of this surging popularity. A brand new $2 billion development right in the heart of Parramatta, Parramatta Square will help your retail brand capitalise on the two most important types of shopping traffic.

The Two Types of Shopping Traffic

Indeed, the most successful retail stores tend to have two kinds of shoppers. The first type is the shopper that most businesses spend their time trying to attract. This person goes to a shopping centre or retail hub specifically with shopping as his or her primary goal. These customers tend to spend the most money and buy the most stuff on any given shopping trip. They are particularly common around the holidays, but good shops can attract them at any time of year.

The second type of shopper, while often undervalued, is just as important as the first. This person is the regular customer. He or she tends to live or work near a popular shopping spot, passing big-name stores every day. While this shopper is less likely to go on a full-day shopping spree than the first type of customer, they are also more likely to stop into their favourite shops on a regular basis. Convenience is the big factor here: when the stores are right there, they are difficult to resist.

Why Choose Parramatta Square as Your Retail Property Real Estate in Inner West Sydney

What makes Parramatta Square such a fantastic spot for retail real estate in Inner West Sydney is that it will attract both types of shopper. Parramatta is evolving rapidly into Sydney’s second CBD. The area is already becoming a hub of terrific dining opportunities and high-quality shopping. Between the Westfield shopping centre and the stores that will occupy Parramatta Square, this area will soon have more than enough perks to draw in the retail therapy crowd. Big shoppers will flock to Parramatta Square with the sole intention of spending money.

Perhaps even more importantly, though, Parramatta Square will attract the regular customers. The development starts with the base of a multi-level precinct, easily accessible from the street or Parramatta’s new light rail system. Office towers, meanwhile, rise above the retail precinct. In other words, people will be going to work every day and passing right by or right through the retail precinct. With attractive dining and shopping opportunities almost right out the door from where they work, you can bet that these people are going to take advantage of the opportunities that Parramatta Square has to offer. The question is, will your retail business be reaping the benefits, too?

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