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An entrance lobby at at a tower at Parramatta Square

Why Should You Find a Retail Property for Lease in Parramatta Square?

If you own a chain of retail stores, you're probably always searching for new areas to set up a business, but ensuring each store remains profitable is challenging. You need to prime your shop to entice paying customers through the door, which means finding a district with a growing population of skilled and affluent individuals. While Sydney boasts one of the most bustling retail shopping districts in Australia, its western suburbs were, until recently, lagging behind regarding economic growth. However, thanks to multi-billion dollar investments, areas such as Parramatta are set to become the driving force behind Sydney's growth.

When cities grow to the point of becoming a metropolitan area, having just one CBD isn't enough. In London, for example, the government and private stakeholders invested billions into the transformation of Canary Wharf, which though now is a massive CBD was a small district with few residents in the not so distant past. Now, the same is happening in Sydney, with Parramatta Square resembling the Canary Wharf project. If you want to expand your business and need an area that's set to experience continued growth for quite some time, then you should consider a retail property for lease in Parramatta Square.

Walker Corporation, one of Australia's leading property developers, is overseeing the Parramatta Square redevelopment project, which promises to make the district one of the most modern and exciting areas in Sydney. More importantly, it will transform Parramatta Square into a commercial and retail hub for both local and overseas companies, especially when Western Sydney Airport has been completed. If you're interested in a retail property leasing in Parramatta Square, now's the time to start searching because they're soon to be in high demand.

Retail Property Real Estate in Parramatta Square

Thanks to the investment in Parramatta and Western Sydney, there will be plenty of retail space for lease in Parramatta Square, and thanks to a growing population, there always be many customers in town. Here's why Parramatta Square is currently undergoing a revolutionary transformation.

  • Parramatta is well connected: The government is investing significantly in transport and infrastructure to keep up with the demand from companies wishing to set up shop in Parramatta.
  • Western Sydney is becoming more appealing to young, skilled workers: Western Sydney's population is younger than most other districts in the city, and a higher percentage of its residents have postgraduate degrees than any other area.
  • Almost all industries in Western Sydney are growing: Even though the manufacturing sector has slightly shrunk in recent years, virtually all other industries, including health care, social care, and education, are on the rise. If you'd like a retail leasing in Parramatta, now's the time to start looking.

Open Your Doors for Business in Parramatta Square

Almost all forecasts predict that the economy and population of Western Sydney will continue to grow well into the foreseeable future, meaning you could make a handsome profit by investing now in retail space at Parramatta Square.