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A dining terrace overlooking the public plaza at Parramatta Square

Be a Part of a New Shopping Hub, with Fresh Retail Space for Lease in Inner West Sydney

Speculating about the future is a big challenge in any industry, but especially in retail. Predicting where trends will go and how the general public’s tastes will change is a fickle game and a tough one to play. If you are looking for a safe bet in the retail world, though, there are not many bets safer than Parramatta. Within a few years, this city promises to be one of Australia’s top shopping destinations, and your business could be a part of it. There is currently fresh retail space for lease right in Inner West Sydney.

The Revitalisation of the City of Parramatta

Why would Parramatta become a new retail hub, you may ask? After all, the City of Parramatta is just 24 kilometres and a 30-minute drive from Sydney’s CBD—already a thriving shopping centre itself. What use could the market have for a similar hub in Parramatta?

Just because Parramatta is considered a suburb of Sydney does not mean it can’t grow into its own economic powerhouse. In fact, as it turns out, there is a trend of major global cities evolving beyond one CBD and building a second. In London, Canary Wharf has grown from an urban regeneration project into a second CBD—known for its banking operations and outstanding retail scene.

A similar trend is happening in the City of Parramatta, making now the perfect time for businesses to pursue retail leasing in Inner West Sydney. In recent years, the Government has invested billions of dollars into the infrastructure and amenities of the area. In the coming years, Parramatta will have bigger, better highways, more convenient roads, a light rail system, a major international airport, and a booming healthcare scene. Add the huge population of young professionals and young families that call Parramatta home and the area is clearly becoming a ‘place to be’ in Sydney.

Big businesses are starting to recognise the potential and have started moving here, drawing more people to Parramatta’s growing CBD. That growth has also led to an exciting shopping and dining scene. If young professionals are going to be living and working in Parramatta, then there need to be restaurants, delis, coffee shops, retail stores, and bars to meet their wants and needs. By grabbing retail space for lease in Parramatta CBD, your business could beat the rush for these spaces and capitalise on a huge potential market of new customers.

Consider Parramatta Square’s Retail Space Leasing in Inner West Sydney

If your business is in the market for retail space for lease in Inner West Sydney, consider Parramatta Square. This brand new $2 billion development—spearheaded by respected private development company Walker Corporation—is leading the resurgence of Parramatta. Parramatta Square’s retail space will put your shop right in the heart of Parramatta CBD, within walking distance of A-grade office space, right near the Westfield shopping centre and within steps of the city’s booming dining scene. You simply can’t beat the location Parramatta Square has to offer or the growing presence and quality of the retail space itself.

Are you interested in learning more about Parramatta Square and its retail leasing opportunities in Inner West Sydney? Click here to request additional information.