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The public plaza at Parramatta Square

What You Need to Know about Retail Space Leasing in Parramatta Square

Most people dream of starting a business, no matter how big or small, so that they can be their own boss and make a living doing something they enjoy, but setting up a restaurant or a retail shop can be challenging. You'll face rife competition in almost any area where you start a company and competing with established stores could prove difficult at first. However, if you focus your attention on districts that are experiencing rapid growth, you can feel confident that your customer base will grow without you having to put in much effort or invest vast sums of money.

Parramatta is an area in Western Sydney that's currently being transformed into a commercial and retail hub. Thanks to billions of dollars of investment into the city, Parramatta Square will soon be the beating heart of Parramatta's CBD, which will rival Sydney CBD once construction of the new A-Grade commercial buildings and retail precinct are complete. According to various studies, the population of Western Sydney is expected to keep rising faster than any other district in the city for the foreseeable future, meaning you have an opportunity to open a thriving business by finding a retail space for lease in Parramatta Square.

Walker Corporation is one of Australia's largest and most successful private property developers, and is playing a pivotal role in the transformation of Parramatta CBD with the development of 3, 4 & 6 and 8 Parramatta Square. The Parramatta commercial towers will be a standout feature of the city's skyline, accommodating office, commercial and retail space that are of the highest quality in the world. The area's young, skilled, and increasingly affluent population is a major driving force behind Parramatta's growth and rising appeal, but there's much more going on in this city than that.

Retail Space Leasing in Parramatta Square

As mentioned above, both the government and private stakeholders are currently investing billions of dollars into the rejuvenation of Western Sydney and Parramatta Square, making it the prime place to find a retail space for lease for the following reasons:

  • Increasingly, skilled workers are relocating to Western Sydney: For many reasons, Parramatta Square is attractive to young individuals who want to live in a bustling part of town with varied employment opportunities. Today’s workforce and as a result, corporations expect accessibility to retail, services and hospitality in the buildings they work and operate in.
  • The government is investing heavily in infrastructure: Soon, Parramatta Square will be one of the best-connected districts in Sydney with ease of access across the city, as well as to-and-from surrounding suburbs. The industry leading retail offering team with ease of accessibility into the city will ensure footfall not only from Monday-to-Friday, but on weekends..

The Future is Promising

Almost all forecasts suggest that Western Sydney's population is set to grow, and international companies have their sights set on this area because of its skilled and young workforce. If you'd like to be a part of Western Sydney's revolution, now's the time to start looking for a retail leasing in Parramatta Square.