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COVID-19: Precinct Update

Evolving Parramatta Skyline

The gravity of the Parramatta Square precinct can be hard to picture sometimes. Watch the video below to view the scale of one of 4 Parramatta Square.

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With the topping out of 4 Parramatta Square, a project in itself, it stands 170m tall and rises 40 floors above the plaza. From beginning to end, the construction spanned 24 months, with tenants starting to move in as early as November 2019.

To give you a few top level construction facts:

  • The base build totalled $270m and the fit out is forecast in the region of $107m
  • 45,930 cubic meters of concrete has been poured, which equates in volume to 18 full-size Olympic swimming pools of concrete
  • 134 glass façade panels will be installed per floor, approx. 4000 in total
  • With 4200 tonnes of steel reinforcement
  • For 4 Parramatta Square alone, a workforce up to 700 workers are onsite at any one time.

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