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4 Ways To Kick Start Your Wellbeing This Year

While the summer season is all about celebrating, our professional and personal lives tend to hit their peak and as a result, so too do our levels of anxiety, stress, and overall disconnect with our bodies. To support you and your team to thrive this New Year, here are four of our favorite tips to help relieve you:

  1. Just go with it

    Although you may feel like your ‘to-do’ list is about to reach breaking point, now more than ever, let the thoughts of ‘when’, ‘how’, ‘what’ and ‘why’ pass. By switching your focus on simply moving with the natural rhythm of life rather than getting caught up in your head, you’ll find your mind has the space to naturally generate the answers and ideas you’re seeking - it’s just what our body is designed to do.

  2. Re-connect with yourself

    With so much going on around us, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. From different eating and drinking patterns to less rest, our mental, physical and emotional health are all put to the test. However, the best thing about our bodies is that they know what they need, so we encourage you to simply trust yours and make some space to check-in. From a quick daily mindfulness exercise (i.e 1-minute meditations to some colouring-in) to intermittent tech fasts and walking a little slower, by creating space to re-connect to your body, you’ll be able to give it what it needs to support your peak performance.

  3. Move

    Don’t beat yourself up if your commitments compromise your movement. Embrace the fluidity and move between incidental exercise (e.g. walking/riding over driving) to structured workouts, which you can complete in the set time you have. By mindfully moving in whatever capacity you can, you’ll not only nurture your mental and physical health, you’ll also benefit from enhanced productivity, concentration and energy.

  4. Eat

    While it’s always important to enjoy what you eat, at a time of year known for its overindulgence we simply encourage you to slow down rather than rush your meals and drinks. To make it easy for you and your team to nourish yourself in-between the celebrations, check-out these five grab and go breakfasts and our favourite workday lunches.

By creating some space to slow down, you’ll start the year energised, connected and thriving – cheers to that!

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