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Mother Knows Best

Mother Knows Best

Remember that time your mum told you to bring a jacket but you didn’t? We’ve all been there.

Whether it’s as simple as always bringing a jacket or giving relationship advice that landed you with a ring on your finger, Mum always knows best.

In honour of Mother’s Day we reached out to the people of Parramatta Square and Collins Square to find out what is the best or worst or advice their Mothers have ever given them. Check out the answers below and you be the judge!

Best Advice

In the buffet restaurants, eat the expensive food first.

Chanh, Collins Square

You have friends for a season, a reason and a lifetime. This has turned out to be true more times than I can remember!

Dominica, Parramatta Square

Slow down and look around you, you might miss something if you go too fast. Time is the only thing you can never get back.

Michelle, Collins Square

During the speeches at our wedding, my mother handed my new husband a mini pair of boxing gloves. She advised him to choose his battles wisely.

Belinda, Parramatta Square

Remember: if you ever find a flaw in yourself, it was the 50% from your dad.

Kayley, Parrmatta Square

When you travel, make sure you spoil yourself as much as you can. You can save when you're home!

Melissam Collins Square

Never rely on your looks. Always rely on your brains. The packaging can be all shiny and sparkly, but it's what's on the inside that counts.

Gloria, Parramatta Square

Worst Advice

As a kid, she told me not to take swimming lessons because the water in the swimming pool is too cold. To this day, I still can't swim...

Collins Square

My mum always told me to “just be yourself.” Three job interviews later, I realised the banking industry didn't want to employ a dippy hippy and aced it up a bit.

Julie, Parramatta Square

About a month ago my mother told me now would be the best time to buy shares in Virgin Australia....

Zoe, Collins Square

There's no need to be so pedantic and separate the light and dark washing - just throw it all in together and be done with it. Cue next wash cycle where the whole family ends up with a bunch of laundry in various shades of pink or grey, that were once all pristine and white.

Angela, Collins Square

“Even if the shoe doesn't fit- wear it!” I am a size 42 shoe but my mum could only find shoes she liked in a size 41. She always bought them for me and got upset if I didn't wear them! After years of bunions, I moved out and bought my own shoes... But she still keeps buying shoes as Birthday and Christmas presents and tells me not to complain.

Shailla, Collins Square

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