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COVID-19: Precinct Update

Pets of the Square

Pets of the Square

We love how everyone’s beloved fluffy, crawly and feathery friends are working from home alongside them!

From Daschunds to Cavoodles, and even the odd cat, we loved seeing pets from across our Parramatta Square and Collins Square community.

Drum roll please! Give a warm welcome to some of our favourite working from home buddies!


This is my little girl named Sunshine, she is bringing me lots of sunshine during these uncertain times.

Greg, Collins Square


Please don’t give me that look Luna, you’ve had enough treats for today.

Lauren, Paramatta Square


Axle joining in on the weekly Collins Square Movement class.

Sally, Collins Square


This is Mitz, giving me a high five for working hard.

Audrey, Parramatta Square


Here is my new rescue kitten Tonka, who was adopted thanks to isolation!

Belinda, Collins Square


Daisy and Mum sporting matching looks.

Emily, Parramatta Square


Please mam, I have some very important dog business to attend to.

Andrea, Collins Square


Bently catching some rays on this glorious day!

Natalie, Parramatta Square


Say Hello to Henry!

Melissa, Collins Square


Coco ready for her fourth nap of the day.

Rob, Parrmatta Square


Hi my name is Rza the Bulldog, how may I help you?

Latoya, Collins Square


Do you think Ruby is working hard or hardly working?

Laura, Parramatta Square

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