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The Best Things to Do Over the Long Weekend

The Best Things to Do Over the Long Weekend

Long weekends can give each of us a chance to recharge our drained batteries. As the Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend fast approchaes, restrictions are being eased ever so slightly. With that being said, we have compiled a list of ideas from community members of Collins Square and Parramatta Square on what you can do with that extra day off.

Whether you want to stay snuggled up at home or you'd prefer to venture outdoors, the choice is yours!

Planning to go around the Yarra Valley for a winery lunch and wine tastings!

Joy, Collins Square

I have not taken a holiday in years, so this long weeked I'm hiring a campervan and going on a mini road-trip around NSW!

Shirin, Parramatta Square

Going on a hike through the Grampians, followed by dinner at the Royal Mail Hotel.

Renuka, Collins Square

Turning the mobile phones off and headed straight down the south coast to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze and create special moments with loved ones and friends!

Alexandra, Parramatta Square

Starting to plan for a snow trip to Falls Creek as part of supporting local economy!

Bonny, Collins Square

A) Lots of bushwalking- I've lately been discovering lots of little tracks in my local national park that aren't on the map and I didn't know existed. B) I hope to finally get started properly on a painting (a portrait) that I've been procrastinating on. C) Baking. I see banana bread in my future.

Donna, Parramatta Square

We will be going out for a long drive and stay over in a friends house near Philip island to see the penguins and visit the Chocolate Factory.

Pam, Collins Square

If possible, I am planning to take my 1 year old son for his first walk in a National Park.

Javier, Parramatta Square

Going camping up to the high country. Hopefully it doesn’t rain.

Lauren, Collins Square

I am travelling to the northern beaches to attend a (socially distanced) craft retreat with friends. We are so glad this is going ahead.

Nathalie, Parramatta Square

Hopefully any activitiy that involves people and lots of physical reliance – can’t wait to shake and move again!

Ange, Collins Square

I will be visiting my grandmother who is staying with my uncle. She had come from Turkey before COVID-19, and I haven't been able to see her due to COVID-19 restrictions. We will have plenty of catching up to do!

Melis, Parramatta Square

A long bike ride with my husband and kids in the near by park and lunch.

Shabna, Collins Square

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