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Your Creative Home Gym

Your Creative Home Gym

If you’re feeling restless whilst working from home, a new and fun exercise routine may be just what you need. In addition to the well-known cardiovascular benefits, exercise can also help your mental health and may even boost your immune system.

Luckily, you don’t need an expensive set of weights or a treadmill to create a vigorous workout at home. Here are some fun and creative ways to get your blood pumping.

Using pasta bottles as weights. My lounge is the right height for tricep dips. Home stairs are my step up routine - a run up my local heart break hill and stretches with resistance bands.

Mel, Parramatta Square

Using my wine bottles as hand weights, and pillow as a pilates chi ball - gotta use what you have around the place!

Sunny, Collins Square

Filling a backpack with canned food and using detergent and wine bottles as weights.

Michelle, Collins Square

I have been creative since the end of March. Using tinned food as light weights. Heavier weights I fill up a backpack with books etc, heavy boxing bags have been using large 20kgs bag of rice to punch.

Linh, Collins Square

I've been using my kitchen bench as a barre for ballet and barre workouts at home, I just have to be careful not to kick the fridge!

Emily, Parramatta Square

My boyfriend has been using me as weight for squats & bench press, I'm worried the stronger he gets he might start looking for a bigger girlfriend!

Morgan, Collins Square

Running in the backyard with buckets full of sand with the sand pit for strength building. This is equivalent to a 8 kg weight which is currently out of stock at most sporting retailers.

Daniela, Collins Square

Using baked beans cans as my weights and icecream lids as my sliders - great workout!

Lisa, Collins Square

In leiu of having big dumbells i have resorted to putting rocks in buckets and using these as my weights!

Adrian, Parramatta Square

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