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Organisational Hacks

Organisational Hacks

Working from home has become a slightly more regular occurence. What quick easy changes can you make to your habits and work space for a more productive day? Read on for the best organisational hacks, sourced from our very own Squared community.

I've got a notebook which I use to document all the activities and tasks that I need to complete for each day. Nothing is as satisfying as crossing them off!

Alan, Parramatta Square

Get a monitor stand with a built in drawer - you can hide away all the items that make a desk look messy (pens, headphones, sticky notes etc.), while still keeping them right at your fingertips! Outta sight, outta mind.

Jenn, Collins Square

I spend 5 minutes at the end of each day tidying up my workspace - taking a photo of any pieces of paper I have taken notes on during the day and then recycling the paper and putting away any other documents into a folder. This helps me switch off at the end of the day as well as keeping things neat and organised.

Kristy, Parramatta Square

Store everything electronically - no paper mess and I keep strong to do lists before I sign off every night so I am prepared for the next day.

Daniella, Collins Square

Everything needs to have a place. If you separate items into storage boxes and drawer dividers and then assign them a home through labelling or colour coding, it prevents clutter and saves time, as you know where everything is and belongs.

Janelle, Parramatta Square

Keeping a to-list. I know this is a regular feature on all tips for organisation however from experience this has been helping me to put things in perspective and made me finish my deliverables. Given that most of us are working from home, it's easy for us to get distracted, put things aside or just take "frequent breaks" since we are at the comfort of our home. Making a to do list and keeping with it helps us to know what we need to finish as priorities, identify what we can put on hold and know if we can have a break.

Hazel, Collins Square

Cable management is a must and cable/zip ties are your friend. working from home I have on my desk my personal PC, and now the addition of my work laptop, there are cables everywhere. Work out the lengths you need for each cable then coil or fold the remaining length and tie. you can put the coiled cable in a pretty cardboard box with a cable entrance and exit or you can get a net from IKEA that attaches under your desk.

Naomi, Collins Square

  • Have a routine before starting the day - shower, breakfast, putting on work clothes.
  • Limit to-do list to 3 tasks max and discard the list at the end of the day. Always start a new day with a new to-do list.
  • Schedule meetings and phone calls in the afternoon as morning is my most productive time.
  • Have a dedicated pack up time/organising time to sort to-do lists and prep for tomorrow.
  • Take a long break at lunch to rejuvenate without electronics (eating slowly, meditating, exercising).
  • Work in chunks of 25 mins/30 mins interspersed with 5 minutes break. After 4 cycles have a long break. Rinse and repeat.
  • Have a regular weekly/fortnightly physical and electronic declutter of the office - you'll feel so accomplished afterwards!

Lisa, Collins Square

Colour coding my bookshelf inspires a sense of order and calm!

Courtney, Collins Square

  • A second screen. Working from home is not going to be a short term thing. I have two full size screens at work so working from 1 x 15" laptop screen at home was not going to work. I have taken over the desktop at home and spent the money on an equal sized second screen.
  • In trays. I have one for work, one for personal and one for home. They can be as simple as the top of a photocopy paper box. At the end of the day I put away my work tray.
  • All in one printer. We had a printer, a fax, a copy and a scanner machine. I bought one that does everything and e-cycled the other 4 machines. Now I can do step 4 and also free up sooo much space in the office.
  • Hard drives. I purchased 2, one for personal and one for work. I am scanning all the papers, procedures, bills, etc, which will free up sooo much space in the office.

Gina, Collins Square

Scheduling in lunch and walks in my calendar - easier to prioritise in the office, equally important for self care at home!

Jo, Collins Square

The simplest thing I did to get organised was to buy a second hand set of drawers so that I can pack all my work away at the end of the day.

Edmond, Collins Square

I have a dedicated work "zone" and physical space. While I am in the work “zone”, I am at work. It helps manage the blending of home and work. I know when I am "at work" and when I am "at home". Creating a routine for when I go into the office and leave also helps.

Sarah, Collins Square

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