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Virtual Ready, Steady Cook!

Virtual Ready, Steady Cook!

Ready Steady Cook is the game show we all know and love. Celebrity chefs and guest contestants battle against each other and the clock to create a tasty meal. Now you can challenge your family, friends or colleagues in this virtually adapted version.

One of our Squared community members, Ren from KPMG and her friend, developed the brilliant idea of challenging one another in a cooking challenge and recording it via Instagram stories for everyone to watch (and laugh) along!

Here’s how you can play

  1. Each person has to shop online for three courses for the other person at the supermarket nearest the challenger. Collection of food has to occur via click & collect on the same date as the cook-off – so its spontaneous, with no time to plan.
    Shopping list directions:
    • $30 cart limit, allowing $10 for each of the three courses for two people.
    • The shopping list has to include one protein, one vegetable, one sweet, one grain and a wild card item. The wild card item needs to be something the person selecting it has never cooked with before.
  2. There’s a 2-hour cook time limit for all three courses, which are to be served at the same time. Participants can only use the ingredients provided to them in the click & collect, as well as anything already in your home.

What are you waiting for? Get your competition hats on and get cooking!

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