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Festive Cooking Tips from LilyMu

Festive Cooking Tips from LilyMu

Hosting Christmas lunch or dinner this year? Look no further as the LilyMu at Parramatta Square have provided creative tips to get you into the festive cheer this Christmas year!

How to make a Christmas Ham

Tips on how to use leftover Christmas Day food to make the perfect ‘next day’ fried rice

  • Use day old rice is best and use a non-stick fry pan if you do not have a wok.
  • Don’t be afraid to use all leftovers – ham, turkey, proteins, vegetables, lettuce (cut into strips and toss in fried rice last before serving) and even the stuffing!
  • Season rice with soy sauce and sugar to taste and touch of oyster sauce for the added umami.

For Emma’s delicious glazed ham recipe you can download the step-by-step guide here.

How to cure a side of Salmon

What drinks to be served with cured Salmon

  • Ultimately the drink of your choice is the perfect match for any food as this will 100% satisfy you, however should you look at purchasing a few bottles of wine, a nice dry French Rose, Sparkling wine or an aromatic, dry light white will satisfy will be great. If you want to be adventurous, give a quality sake a crack.


How to jazz up supermarket cakes

  • Let you creative juices run wild on flavouring whipped cream.
  • For some suggestive tips, Spiced Rum, Kirsch (cherry brandy), Cointreau (orange liqueur) always works a treat.
  • Finish the cream with fresh citrus zest (orange, lime, lemon)
  • Decorate with berries, berries, berries. They are in season and will be super delicious!

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