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Limited-edition Blood Plum Sorbet

Limited-edition Blood Plum Sorbet

A new flavour has landed at Rivareno Gelato, Aussie Blood Plum Sorbet. Available for this week only, the colour itself will astound you! Made with fresh blood plums - no concentrates, purees, or pre-prepared fruit pastes, it's also healthy.

Why Rivareno’s Gelato’s gelatos is unsurpassed:

  • The intensity of the flavours – All flavours need to be recognisable while blindfolded
  • The freshness – Freshly made only a few hours prior in our laboratory
  • The velvety consistency on the palate – No course ice crystals on the palate
  • The creaminess and balance of sugars – Always creamy and smooth but not sweet.
  • Right temperature – Served at a higher temperature to help taste the flavours better
  • The ingredients and their doses – Pure, high quality, natural ingredients
  • The Pozzetti Counter – Gelato is stored to preserve the freshness
  • Alpine raw milk used – Made with 70% of milk
  • Only real fruit – Over 55% fruit with no syrups or flavouring used
  • Amazing flavours - Each year existing recipes undergo a process continual refinement.

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