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Did We Mention They're The Best?

Did We Mention They're The Best?

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 13th Jul 2021

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches is catching the attention of credible foodies across Sydney, with Urban List and Man of Many naming them among Sydney’s Best Sandwiches.

A 2021 guide to the best sandwiches in Sydney is exactly what a city in lockdown needs. As Urban List journalist Jack Revell states, 'There are few things more comforting in life than a heavily laden sandwich. It’s the perfect food. Tasty, portable, and with endless potential for variation, the sandwich is lunchtime comfort food you can have every day and never get bored'. If that doesn't say comfort food in lockdown, we don't know what does!

It's no surprise that Harvey's Hot Sandwiches makes the list as the only sandwich mecca in Sydney's West. Their favourite? The Muffuletta, made with mortadella, ham, salami, Harvey's olive spread, provolone cheese, and Swiss cheese. It's a lot—but that's the vibe here.

Cue Man of Many, where Madi al Madi rounds up the top 25 sandwiches in Sydney as the perfect way to splurge on a budget. The Sydney food scene is a jungle, but Harvey's Hot Sandwiches rounds at the list as your safe haven in the West. "Nostalgic neon signs, monochromatic photos and retro diner seating and American-style diner sandwiches "- we couldn't sum, it up it better ourselves! At Harvey’s, you can pick from the line-up of 11 signature and classic subs and we are ready to work through the list. Are you?

Hot, tasty and open for takeaway. What are you waiting for?