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The Meat-Lover's Guide to Takeaway at Parramatta Square

The Meat-Lover's Guide to Takeaway at Parramatta Square

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 26th Aug 2021

There’s no denying it, meat is still the centre of many a dish, and whilst we’re here for our Vego friends (see their guide for takeaway here), we’ve gone on the hunt for the best takeaway options at Parramatta Square, for the love of meat.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co
When it comes to the classic burger, Betty’s Burgers knows where it’s at. The classic Australian Burger Shack serves up the best of chicken, beef and seafood to meet the meat-lovers needs. It’s hard to beat the Betty’s Classic, with Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and the infamous Betty’s special sauce. The Noosa Classic Surf, however, combines the best of both paying homage to the restaurant’s founding city featuring Angus beef WITH lightly battered prawns, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, and again, the classic Betty’s special sauce. What are you waiting for?

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches
Meaty and messy, Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches is your one-stop-shop to sink your teeth into juicy goodness. From Brisket to Pastrami, Philly Cheesesteak to Nashville Hot Chicken, whether you’ve opted for a simple or sloppy on any meaty menu item, you’ll be hooked. They say they’re bringing back real sandwiches and after working our way through the menu, we’d say they’re right!

Whether you’re BYOB (building your own bowl) or following the advice of the Fishbowl experts, their menu offers up meaty options from both the sea or the land. Salmon & tuna make a frequent appearance on the Fishbowl menu, The O.G. really speaking for itself as the original and one of the most popular choices. The Beef Brisket or adding chicken to Mr. X will see you coming back for more, with each bowl nutritionally balanced and in a word, delicious.