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The Side Hustler's Guide to Takeaway at Parramatta Square

The Side Hustler's Guide to Takeaway at Parramatta Square

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 1st Sep 2021

Whilst many get caught up in the main event, we know that sides can make or break a meal. Takeaway is no exception, and that’s why we’ve tried every fry, salad or soup to determine the Side Hustler’s Guide to Takeaway at Parramatta Square.

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.
You know a venue is series about fries when they have two kinds. The ultimate side hustle, you’ll be ordering more often than every fry-day with these delicious options. Flip a coin or order both to compare, no Betty’s Burger is complete without a serve of Thick Fries or their thinner, more traditional counterpart, a serve of the French Fries.

Looking to change it up? Simple, go for the onion rings. This beer battered, fresh and crispy option has a cult-like following at Betty’s Burger’s, so it’s no wonder they feature inside some selected burgers and are available as an extra side. No matter who’s side you’re on, the onion ring won’t let you down.

Sides for salad? You bet! The Miso Soup at Fishbowl is a delicious chaser for any of their popular bowls. This salty, liquid goodness is the ultimate pick me up. Want more? Add a side of dressing! Elevate any bowl with one of the many dressings available from Fishbowl. Try them all from the roasted sesame to their special house shoyu, the spicy shoyu for an extra kick, or the kaffir lime for a more citrus touch.

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches
You’ll be making friends with salad in no time with Harvey’s creamy coleslaw, sure to soften the hot kick Harvey’s infamous sauce will give you! Looking for something a little zestier? The salt & vinegar potato salad is a must-try.

If you just can’t consider a salad side, we suggest the crinkle cut fries. The crinkle cut matters, creating a light and airy potato add on, just dip them in aioli or tomato sauce for the ultimate side hustle. Finally, if you’re committing to the full Harvey’s retro American diner experience, don’t be a dill and pick the dill pickle. You won’t regret it.