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Betty's Burger Launches NEW Betty's Classic Plant Burger

Betty's Burger Launches NEW Betty's Classic Plant Burger

Author: Betty's Burgers

Date: 10th Mar 2022

It has taken more than two years of discovery and trial for Betty's Burgers to be 100% satisfied with their new, permanent plant-based menu item- the Betty's Classic Plant. They believe it is the best plant-based burger on the market, if you don't agree they've nailed it in your first two bites, they'll replace it on the spot for FREE with a Betty's Classic or a Betty's Classic Vegan.

There has been a strict 'no-taste-compromise' approach to the creation of Betty's first plant-based burger!

Made with locally-produced ingredients, Betty's Classic Plant is both simple and delicious. It features Betty's all-new Aussie-made, soy-based plant patty from their friends at Love BUDS, with all their Classic burger ingredients including fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and the famous Betty's special sauce.

The plant-based patty is vegan, gluten-free and those following a strict Vegan diet can swap out the Class Plant's milk bun, sauce and remove the cheese to create their ideal treat on a vegan bun.

The NEW Betty's Classic Plant is available at Betty's Burgers from 10 March. Priced only at $11.50, the Betty's Classic Plant is also one of the best priced plant-based burgers on the market!