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Kids Food Guide

Kids Food Guide

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 7th Apr 2022

Kids can be the toughest food critic when it comes food. Don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you with our Kids Food Guide at Parramatta Square these school holidays. Let’s do it for the kids!

Betty’s Burgers & Concrete Co.
If it’s variety you’re after, Betty’s Burgers is serving it up for all the little Nippers. Whilst chicken or beef is considered an age-old question, Betty’s knows that it’s ageless! Let the kids decide between the Kids Beef Burger or Kids Chicken Burger, topped with cheese and of course, tomato sauce.

Hearing a cry for nuggets? The Betty’s Burgers chicken strips are the answer, just add a side of fries. Finally, keep the kids happy with a serve of Kids Concrete. This deliciously creamy in-house ice-cream comes in chocolate or vanilla, with a choice of toppings, M&Ms meringue or Maltesers, oh my!

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches
When Harvey’s said they were serving up big, hot, tasty sandwiches, don’t think for a second that they forgot about the kids. It’s all about choice at Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches, so maybe takeaway delicious sandwiches or dine in with the fam! Take your pick of white or wholemeal bread, and then choose from ham or turkey, both options topped with mayo and cheddar cheese, yum!

Let them wash it down with a range of drinks from soda to fresca, and make sure you add a side of crinkle cut fries. With ice-cream sundaes and ice-cream sandwiches, Nutella fountains and so many toppings, every child’s sweet dreams will come true when you then serve up the final course.

Hoping your kids will make friends with salad? Fishbowl are here to help! Opt for the regular size on any land, sea or vego bowl and fill the little ones with delicious, nutritional goodness. Do they have a love for sushi? Build from sushi rice, add your choice of protein and deck it out with all the veggie sides you can dream of.

Looking for a sweet touch? The Simon Says cold pressed juice is your answer, with delicious flavours that are sure to have your kids asking for more next time… one can hope, right?

Dine in at CicciaBella and enjoy a cocktail or two whilst the bambinis discover authentic pasta with their choice of butter sauce, tomato sauce or bolognese! Finish off with a gelato scoop or nutella bomboloni... The kids will be wanting more!