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Winter Warming Treats

Winter Warming Treats

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 14th Jun 2022

As the days get colder and the appetite grows fonder, it can be hard choosing a meal with challenging temperatures . Don’t worry, Parramatta Square has you covered with our Winter Warming Treats guide. Here’s a look at what’s on the winter menu.

Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches
Craving something spicy to warm yourself up? Harvey’s Hot Sandwiches can get HOT with their well-known Nashville Hot Chicken sandwich. Choose to have it DAMN HOT or FLAMING HOT! Not hot enough? Grab their Nashville Hot Chicken with Comeback Sauce, it’s sure to pack a punch!

Fishbowl’s Warm Bowls are hearty meals for Winter. Jam-packed with healthy veggie and tasty dressings, try their Beef Brisket or Spicy Salmon Warm Bowls to see for yourself!

Rivareno Gelato
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Rivareno Gelato has you covered. Rivareno offers hot crepes and waffles in their Winter warming menu. These are perfect to pair with their rich hot chocolate, or hot chocolate affogato with your choice of gelato flavour. We’re drooling just thinking of the flavour combinations!

Threefold Pastry
There’s nothing better to warm up the soul than some delicious, fresh pastries from Threefold Pastry. Looking for something savoury? Threefold Pastry has the best Beef and Chicken pies to offer, perfect for a warm lunch on the go. Craving something warm and sweet? Grab yourself their scrumptious Cinnamon Scroll, or their famous Almond Croissant!