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Walker's Sustainability Commitment Announcement

Walker's Sustainability Commitment Announcement

Author: Parramatta Square

Date: 20th Jul 2022

Walker is proud to announce our latest commitment to excellence in sustainability with our 5.5 Star NABERS Energy Commitment Agreement for 6&8 Parramatta Square. Previously also labelled as the most energy efficient building in Western Sydney.

What does this mean?
This Commitment Agreement shows our formal commitment to achieving the incredible 5.5 star rating, making Parramatta Square sustainability focused. The Commitment Agreement is held in continuity, similar to the NABERS 6 Star Green Star As-Built rating which reflects efficient energy use, low emissions, strong public transport links, materials selection, technology and innovation.

Why is this important?
Walker recognises its responsibility in leading a sustainable world. From design to development and continuing with our ongoing operations, environmental performance is at the forefront of what we do. We are committed to excellence in sustainable practice across all our assets, especially at Parramatta Square.

What’s next?
Walker aims to reach this commitment agreement, and gain other sustainability awards in pursuing our goal to achieve a sustainable community.

Want to know more?
Find out more about sustainability at Parramatta Square.