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COVID-19 Precinct Update

Lounges in the lobby of a tower at Parramatta Square


Parramatta Square has its own dedicated friendly Concierge team that provides an unparalleled level of service to tenants and visitors alike.

Our expert team is focused on assisting you to experience all that Parramatta Square and our diverse and culturally-rich CBD has to offer.

The Concierge is the first point of call when clients meet at Parramatta Square. Whether it’s using their contact list to make a restaurant, taxi and event bookings or simply meeting and greeting visitors, the Concierge team can help with all of your needs. They can even provide guided tours of the amenities within the building.

Meet the Team

Our Concierge staff strive in providing you with exceptional service. Get to know your Concierge team, learn how they operate and how they can assist your needs.

Concierge Team Members

  • Darren (Head Concierge)

    Tower 3, 4 & 6

  • Joe (Concierge)

    Tower 6

  • Luke (Concierge)

    Tower 4

  • Joey (Concierge)

    Tower 4


Concierge Services

For more information, please visit Visitor Information.