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COVID-19: Precinct Update

A rendering of the public plaza at Parramatta Square

Events Calendar

  1. Daily Calm

    Daily Calm

    A quick and simple mindfulness meditation can really do wonders in shifting your thoughts and staying calm amidst the chaos.

    • Where: Online

    Refresh your mind each day with a 5-minute guided meditation by Wellineux. You don’t have to sit for 20 minutes or half an hour to benefit from a meditation practice. For a daily dose of mindfulness, visit Wellineux’s Facebook page.

  2. End-of-Trip Offerings

    End-of-Trip Offerings

    Parramatta Square’s End-of-Trip facilities are designed with you in mind, enabling workplace wellness and flexibility to help make work/life integration a reality.

    • Where: Mezzanine Level (M)

    Designed with you in mind, the first-class facilities enable workplace wellness and flexibility to help make work/life integration a reality.

    Some of the facilities you can take advantage of include:

    • Drying rooms
    • Showers with complimentary body wash
    • Secure bike storage and maintenance station
    • Change facilities
    • Ironing station
    • Fresh towel service
    • Hair dryers
    • Lockers
    • Vending machine with essential needs

    Located close to the basement car park lifts for quick and safe access to the lobby and office levels above, it’s the perfect facility to support your commute to work.

  3. End-of-Trip Vending Machine for All Your Essentials

    End-of-Trip Vending Machine for All Your Essentials

    Forgot something? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

    • Where: Mezzanine Level (M)

    Forgot your rain coat, need some socks, a power bank or cufflinks maybe? You can pick up all of these essentials (and non-essential) items and more from our vending machine located on the Mezzanine level. You’re welcome!

  4. Free Wi-Fi at Parramatta Square

    Free Wi-Fi at Parramatta Square

    Did you know Parramatta Square has free Wi-Fi for your convenience so that you can remain connected in the Lobby and Public Domain.

    • Where: Lobby (UG) and Retail Link (LG)

    Stay connected at Parramatta Square with our FREE Lobby Wi-Fi. All you need to do is register with your mobile, tablet or laptop and voila! Instant access.

    To log onto the Wi-Fi network follow these steps:

    1. Enable Wi-Fi on your device via settings
    2. Select the network ‘Parramatta Square Wi-Fi’ on your device
    3. A log-in page will appear. Provide your email and select sign in or sign in via Facebook.

    By selecting sign-in, you are agreeing to the Wi-Fi terms of use.

  5. Freebies at Parramatta Square

    Freebies at Parramatta Square

    Did you know that you can receive a bunch of free things just by working at 4 Parramatta Square?

    • Where: Lobby (UG)

    Simply visit, click on the Passport icon and enter your unique access code to see what exciting offers are available.

    For assistance or any questions, see our concierge staff.

  6. Parramatta Square at Your Finger Tips

    Parramatta Square at Your Finger Tips

    Parramatta Square is more than just a retail and commercial precinct. Connect with us today in more ways than one.

    • Where: Online

    Parramatta Square is more than just a retail and commercial precinct, we’re available all year ‘round with just the touch of a button!

    Stay connected with us on Facebook (@walkerparramattasquare) to see what’s happening in and around the precinct!

    And don’t forget, you can subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss another exclusive deal or event again! Subscribe today.

    Make sure you’re the first to hear it all!

  7. Parramatta Square’s Spotify Is Now LIVE!

    Parramatta Square’s Spotify Is Now LIVE!

    The Parramatta Square Spotify Playlist is now live with all your favourite tunes to keep you motivated and focused while you work from home!

    • Where: Online

    Working from home and not sure what to listen to? Enter the Parramatta Square Spotify Playlist

    Want to share your favourite track with the Parramatta Square community? Be sure to submit your favourite song + artist via the online form here.

  8. Universal Fitness Opens Its Doors

    Universal Fitness Opens Its Doors

    At Parramatta Square we encourage a positive work-life balance and that’s why we are excited to announce the opening of Universal Fitness at 4 Parramatta Square!

    • Where: Level 1, 4 Parramatta Square

    Universal Fitness is a premium health and fitness club conveniently located on Level 1 at 4 Parramatta Square. It encompasses everything from wellness services and personal training to 30 – 45-minute functional group classes including Les Mills, Mind Body and Boxing classes.

  9. Virtual Winter Workshop

    Virtual Winter Workshop

    Have you booked in to attend our Virtual Winter Workshops yet? This year you can attend our workshops virtually. So, what are you waiting for?

    • Where: Online

    Have you booked in to attend our Virtual Winter Workshop yet? It’s time to get your hands dirty in a beeswax wrap making class or perhaps a DIY Organic Skincare class.

    If you are a Club Parramatta Square member you can secure your ticket now to our fun, interactive workshops.

    Becoming a member of Club Parramatta Square is easy! Just head to the website and register your work email address, then you’re one step closer to attending our Virtual Winter Workshops.

    Please note: This is exclusively a tenant only event

  10. Your Recipe E-Book: Squared!

    Your Recipe E-Book: Squared!

    Move over Gordon Ramsay, there’s some new chef’s in town – you! Our Parramatta Square Community!

    • Where: Online

    A few weeks ago, we asked you to submit your favourite baked goods recipe as part of the Parramatta Square Bake-off! And although there could only be one winner, we just couldn’t keep all these tasty treats to ourselves!

    Click here to view all the delicious recipes you submitted. If you decide to try them yourself, don’t forget to tag us in a picture of what you make on social media!

    Happy baking!