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Plaza area at Parramatta Square

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Parramatta Square, a commercial precinct of many dimensions.

A Parramatta landmark, Parramatta Square comprises four commercial towers overlooking the public domain and retail plaza, earning itself the title of one of Australia’s largest commercial precincts.

Reflecting the latest global thinking in design, productivity and amenities, the quality and vitality of Parramatta Square will be unrivalled in its ability to adapt to a wide range of users, making it a truly inspiring workplace.

A heavily landscaped and interactive 10,000 square metre public domain, running east to west connecting Smith Street and Church Street has been created to enhance tenants and visitors wellbeing and connectivity. The design of the square includes free Wi-Fi allowing seamless movement between indoor and outdoor throughout the day and into the evening.

Looking for a new address? Enquire now for an office or retail space for rent at Parramatta Square.

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Commercial Leasing

Justin Walsh

Phone: 0406 067 466


Retail Leasing

Mark Museth

Phone: 0413 004 280