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Light Fall (Permanence)

Matthew Johnson, 2022

"Permanence" by Matthew Johnson

Commissioned to create a grand focal point for 8 Parramatta Square, Johnson’s artwork allude to light and place, addressing place as a metaphor to light. His personal and physical experience of the Parramatta site location remain a part of a connectivity to greater Sydney that has been about his observance of the Parramatta river and that of the movement of the sun as it sets over the Blue Mountains. The residual raking last light reflects the memory of each day. The same light reflects upon the river and shimmers throughout the course of each passing day.

The artwork aims to encapsulate both the geographical and metaphysical position of the site as a visual tapestry of colour, light and cascading form. ‘Light Fall (Permanence)’ is the largest artwork that Johnson has ever created, measuring 10 metres by 10 metres.

The artwork contains over 10,000 spherical forms of painted colour that interweaves an abstract narrative that radiates light. The location of the artwork faces west, and the intention is that artwork will absorb and eliminate light, night and day that will glow within the space and the immediate visible surroundings of Church Street and Parramatta Square. Within the curatorial theme of Bold, Ambitious and Optimistic, the artwork through colour, volume and illumination will address a human condition that remains paramount to this vision of language.