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Rose Hill Packet

Chris Kenyon, 2022

"Rose Hill Packet" by Chris Kenyon

Rose Hill Packet is a specially commissioned art collection created for 6 and 8 Parramatta Square lobbies, reflecting on the Indigenous and European history for Parramatta as a part of the city’s evolution as a modern and diverse urban centre. The collection starts with an intricate heritage display embedded into the architecture of the 6 Parramatta Square lobby which follows the changing patterns of use of the rich landscape and ancient wetlands around Parramatta Square. It has been co-designed with the local Darug community and tells the story of both Aboriginal and European connections to this site.

The collection includes a complete replica of the Rose Hill Packet boat known as ‘the lump’ by first fleet convicts and is permanently positioned in the lobby of 6 Parramatta Square. The Rose Hill Packet was the first European boat built in Australia, specifically designed to take supplies from Sydney Cove to Rose Hill, now modern day Parramatta.