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Winter Treats at Rivareno Gelato

Winter Treats at Rivareno Gelato

Date: 5th Jul 2022

Craving something sweet in the cold? Rivareno Gelato has got you covered!

Try their winter menu for their perfectly sweet combination of gelato and warm treats! Choose from freshly made hot crepes or their hot waffles with their decadent chocolate-hazelnut gianduia sauce and your choice of gelato.

If you’re after something more decadent - try their thick, rich, italian style hot chocolate! Made with single origin 64% cocoa from Madagascar.

Not decadent enough? Their Hot chocolate affogato is the perfect fix! Have your choice of any gelato flavour drowned in a shot of thick, rich, Rivareno hot chocolate.

Visit Rivareno Gelato to enjoy your sweet winter treats today.