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We're Making An Impact With Soap!

How Does Soap Change Someone's Life?

Date: 5th May 2024

We've switched over our soap in our End of Trip Facilities to support the empowerment of women. The secret ingredient?... Hope.

We’ve partnered with Two Good Co, a social enterprise that believes in people until they believe in themselves again. They support, empower, and employ women who have lived through experiences of domestic violence and homelessness by creating high-quality food, homewares, and personal care products – including the soaps you’ll see in our amenities.

With 50% of profits reinvested into their social impact programs, every litre of Two Good soap creates hope. As part of their ‘Work Work’ employment pathway program, Two Good employs women from the shelters they serve, empowering them to re-establish their self-belief and independence and find their way home again.

By supporting Two Good Co, we walk alongside our community’s most vulnerable and change their lives.

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